HOPO 14-1 remove radioactive pollutants from the body

HOPO 14-1 remove radioactive pollutants from the body HOPO 14-1 (Active ingredient: 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) cas 110874-36-7) 3,4,3-LIHOPO FandaChem


HOPO 14-1 (Active ingredient: 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) cas 110874-36-7) is a drug used to remove radioactive pollutants from the body.
It is an oral capsule used to protect against radioactive threats such as nuclear power plant accidents or dirty bomb attacks, treat gadolinium deposition disease (GDD).

hopo 14-1 chemical structure:

The active ingredient of HOPO 14-1 is the hydroxypyridone ligand 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO), cas 110874-36-7, which is a powerful heavy metal chelating agent.

HOPO 14-1 works by selectively binding to heavy metals in the body and forming a complex that the body can naturally excrete.

HOPO 14-1 has also been studied for the treatment of other heavy metal toxicity, including gadolinium poisoning and lead poisoning in MRI contrast media (more people tend to use MiaDMSA to detox Lead from the body).

HOPO 14-1 was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Abergel and former postdoc Julian Avery Rees co-founded HOPO Therapeutics, which commercializes HOPO 14-1 to be used as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning.

Now 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) cas 110874-36-7 is commercially provided by a Chinese company FANDACHEM, which provide to some commercial institutions and research institutes for the adsorption of nuclear radioactive elements and human experiments including gadolinium poisoning treatment and detox other radioactive elements from the body.


First Drug Trial In US For Pill To Guard Against Nuclear Accidents
The drug is thought to remove many different toxic heavy metals from the body.

First human trial of dirty bomb antidote begins
HOPO 14-1 can be given to people in tablet form, which would be much easier than intravenous methods in the event of an emergency.
Tuesday 16 May 2023 21:04, UK

This HOPO 14-1 chelates f-block elements, many of which are radioactive, without depleting other metal ions from the body which are essential for metabolism and other functions. Also, there are a large number of agents which can mitigate the damage done by radiation exposure when administered prophylactically

Dirty-bomb antidote: Drug trial begins in US
Published 16 May

U.S. launches first-in-human trial of oral drug to remove radioactive contamination
Source: XinhuaEditor: huaxia2023-05-16 06:02:15

HOPO 14-1
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Study of Single Oral Doses of HOPO 14-1 Evaluating Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics

SRI’s radioactive contamination treatment is now in its first-in-human trial

SRI’s radioactive contamination treatment is now in its first-in-human trial
The work, conducted by a multi-talented team of scientists, will provide critical data to help establish the safety of HOPO 14-1.

Media Advisory
Monday, May 15, 2023
First-in-human trial of oral drug to remove radioactive contamination begins
NIH-funded clinical trial will determine safety, tolerability of experimental drug.


Un médicament oral destiné à éliminer une contamination radioactive testé chez l'humain



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3,4,3-LIHOPO cas 110874-36-7 (FandaChem)


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