Galden HT PFPE Heat Transfer Fluids

Galden HT PFPE Heat Transfer Fluids
cas number: 69991-67-9

Solvay Specialty Polymers offers a safe Heat Transfer (HT) media for deman ding applications, including:
•Vapor phase heating
•Transformer and super computer cooling
•Recirculating chillers

Galden HT PFPE are inert, dielectric and high- performance heat transfer fluids with boiling points ranging from 55 °C to 270 °C. This range is broader than other fluorinated heat transfer fluids and enables PFPE to be used at end-use temperatures up to 290 °C.

High boiling includes:
Galden HT-170
Galden HT-200
Galden HT-230
Galden HT-270

Excellent thermal and chemical stability
Good compatibility with materials
Good heat transfer performance
Grades with wide range of boiling point
High boiling point with low pour point and low viscosity
Low evaporation losses
No flash or fire points No explosion hazards No toxicity
No auto-ignition point

No corrosion or reaction with construction materials
No formation or decomposition residues No circulating pump seizure due to fluid degradation or corrosion
Good temperature control
Wide choice of grades to optimize performance
High boiling grades reduce evaporation losses
without affecting performance
Low costs of ownership
Safe to use at high temperature
Enhanced safety

Galden High Boiling (HB)
Galden HT High Boiling is a line of dielectric fluids with boiling points ranging from 170 °C to 270 °C. These high performance fluids are a family of heat transfer fluids engineered for high temperature applications. Thanks to their high boiling point, they offer a significantly lower evaporation rate than that of low boiling point fluids.
Galden HB fluids can also be used at moderate temperatures to replace fluids with higher evaporation rates, thereby reducing evaporation losses.

Seals and gaskets compatibility
More than 99 % of plasticizers used in the polymer industry are hydrocarbon-based compounds. Galden® HT PFPE fluids do not contain hydrogen in their chemical structure, so no affinity with hydrocarbon-based compounds is present.

Galden HT PFPE fluids offer favorable environmental and worker safety properties: no toxicity, non-flammability, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
The chemical inertness and non-corrosivity of Galden® HT PFPE fluids make them safe for workers to handle

Galden HT170,
Galden HT200,
Galden HT230,
Galden HT270,
Galden HT-170,
Galden HT-200,
Galden HT-230,
Galden HT-270,
PFPE HT-170,
PFPE HT-200,
PFPE HT-230,
PFPE HT-270,
Galden HT-170 (PFPE HT-170),Galden HT-200 (PFPE HT-200),Galden HT-230 (PFPE HT-230),Galden HT-270 (PFPE HT-270),PFPE HT-170 cas 69991-67-9,PFPE HT-200 cas 69991-67-9,PFPE HT-230 cas 69991-67-9,PFPE HT-270 cas 69991-67-9,
Galden HT-170 cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-200 cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-230 cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-270 cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-170 (PFPE HT-170) cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-200 (PFPE HT-200) cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-230 (PFPE HT-230) cas 69991-67-9,Galden HT-270 (PFPE HT-270) cas 69991-67-9

Supplier of HT PFPE Heat Transfer Fluids (PFPE HT-170, PFPE HT-200, PFPE HT-230, PFPE HT-270) in China: FANDACHEM


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