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Product name: Monoisoamyl DMSA

Synonyms: MiADMSA;Monoisoamyl 2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic Acid,miadmsa buy,Monoisoamyl DMSA (miadmsa),purchase miadmsa,miadmsa buy,miadmsa price usd$,buy miadmsa,miadmsa manufacturer fandachem,

CAS Number: 141056-24-8

Chemical structure:

Purity: 96%

Package: 5g; 20g; 100g; 500g; 1kg

Manufacturer:  FANDACHEM


E-mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp: 0086 15858145714

Use: Arsenic chelating agent; Lead chelating agent, Cadmium chelating agent.

Monoisoamyl 2, 3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (MiADMSA) demonstrates higher efficacy by oral route in reversing arsenic toxicity: a pharmacokinetic approach
Combined Efficacy of Gallic Acid and MiADMSA (Monoisoamyl DMSA) with Limited Beneficial Effects over MiADMSA against Arsenic-induced Oxidative Stress in Mouse
MiADMSA (Monoisoamyl DMSA) reverses impaired mitochondrial energy metabolism and neuronal apoptotic cell death after arsenic exposure in rats
Gallic acid and MiADMSA (Monoisoamyl DMSA) reversed arsenic induced oxidative/nitrosative damage in rat red blood cells

Therapeutic Profile of T11TS vs. T11TS+MiADMSA: A Hunt for a More Effective Therapeutic Regimen for Arsenic Exposure
Reversal effect of monoisoamyl dimercaptosuccinic acid (MiADMSA) for arsenic and lead induced perturbations in apoptosis and antioxidant enzymes in developing rat brain
Reversal of Lead-Induced Neuronal Apoptosis by Chelation Treatment in Rats: Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Intracellular Ca2+ with MiADMSA (Monoisoamyl DMSA)



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