Pergaquick A150 103671-44-9 Para-toluidine Ethoxylate

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Product Name: PERGAQUICK A150 PM

(Amine accelerators)

Synonym:Para-toluidine Ethoxylate;Pergaquick A 150

CAS No.: 103671-44-9


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PERGAQUICK A150 PM cas no 103671-44-9 (Ethoxylates of p-toluidine liquid mixture)  is used as an accelerator for curing of unsaturated polyester and PMMA resins at ambient temperature in combination with Dibenzoyl peroxide (PEROXAN BP-types).

Technical Specifications of PERGAQUICK A150 PM (Amine accelerators) cas no 103671-44-9

Appearance:dark liquid

Active substance assay;%: >99

Density at 20°C:1.1 g/cm³

Solubility:Insoluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents

Flash point:>100°C

Packaging and preservation of PERGAQUICK A150 PM (Amine accelerators) cas no 103671-44-9:

Package: 25kg container; 200kg drum or 1000kg IBC

Storage: Keep packaging tightly closed in a well ventilated place at indicated storage temperature.

Maximum storage temperature (Ts max):30°C;

Minimum storage temperature (Ts min): 0°C;

Storage stability as from date of delivery:6 months

Major decomposition products : In case of fire toxic fumes of N-oxides may be formed.

Safety and handling:

Please refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for information concerning safe storage, use and handling of PERGAQUICK A150 PM cas no 103671-44-9. This information should be thoroughly reviewed prior to acceptance of this product. The MSDS is available for downloading at or through contacting Pergan directly.



The curing of unsaturated polyester resins at ambient temperatures can in general not be performed by an organic peroxide alone. The radical formation which is necessary - to start the polymerisation reaction - is too slow at ambient temperatures with most generally applied organic peroxides.

To speed up the radical formation in a controllable way, organic peroxides must therefore be used in combination with a so called accelerator. For diacyl peroxides like Dibenzoyl peroxide - the PEROXAN BP-types - aromatic tertiary amines have to be used as accelerator.

The following amines are available:

N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine PERGAQUICK A100 (high reactivity)

PERGAQUICK A150 PM (Amine accelerators) cas no 103671-44-9 (high/medium reactivity) N,N-Dimethylaniline PERGAQUICK A200 (medium reactivity)

N,N-Diethylaniline PERGAQUICK A300 (low reactivity)

Each amine type has a different and specific influence on the decomposition of Dibenzoyl peroxide. Therefore, it is possible to adjust a wide variety of gel times and speed of cure by the proper choice of amine type and dosage level.

The cure system Dibenzoyl peroxide / amine accelerator can be characterized as being:

- not sensitive for moisture

- practically not sensitive to pigments and fillers

- applicable at low temperatures

Possible disadvantages can be:

- a limited pot life of the amine accelerator in the resin

- yellow to brown colour of the cured product

- poor UV light stability of the cured product

- a relatively high residual styrene content in the mouldings after a postcure at elevated temperature especially at high amine accelerator dosages.

A special application of the amine accelerator is their use as promotor in a ketone peroxide / cobalt accelerator cure system. For this application mainly PERGAQUICK C24 AX is used.

Depending on application area and working conditions, the following accelerator dosage levels are recommended.


Butylchlorodihydroxytin (FASCAT 4101, TIB KAT 250)



Accelerator PT25E/2 cas 878391-30-1 FandaChem equivalent



Accelerator NL-67 Ethoxylated-para-toluidine cas 103671-44-9



Bisomer pte para-toluidine ethoxylate FANDACHEM 103671-44-9


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