Novec 4300 Surfactant

Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0

Product profile:
Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0 is an anionic fluorochemical surfactant with 20% actives in glacial acetic acid.
Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0 was designed as an additive to improve wetting in low pH aqueous solutions used in semi-conductor and microelectronics processing.
When used in low pH aqueous solutions, including phosphoric acid or phosphoric/acetic/nitric (PAN) solutions, Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0 significantly lowers the surface tension and improves the wetting of the solution. This improved wetting can improve the uniformity of the etch while having little to no impact on the etch rate. Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0 has excellent stability in many acids commonly used in semiconductor and microelectronics processing.

Features of Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0
• Improved wetting effect on etch solutions
• almost no effect on the etch rate
• Stability in etch solutions
• Effective at low concentrations
• Filterable

Applications of Novec 4300 Surfactant cas 606967-06-0
• Etch and cleaning solutions in semiconductor, microelectronics, flat panel display and solar panel manufacturing including:
o Aluminum or copper metal etch
o Silicon nitride etch
o Cleaning or etching of silicon or quartz surfaces

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Supplier in China: FANDACHEM


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