Arginine Bicarbonate for sensitive toothpaste

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Product name: Arginine Bicarbonate

INCI Name: Arginine bicarbonate

Synonyms: L-Arginine Bicarbonate

Molecular Formula: C7H16N4O5

Formula Weight:236.23

Appearance: white crystalline powder

CAS Number:196086-73-4

Assay:  ≥99%

Package:  25kg/Drum; 1kg/bag

Use: it is used to reduce pain of tooth sensitivity.

Chemical structure:

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Arginine Bicarbonate
The inhibitory effect of an arginine bicarbonate/calcium carbonate CaviStat-containing dentifrice on the development of dental caries in Venezuelan school children
Epub 2017 Feb 8.
Effects of rinsing with arginine bicarbonate and urea solutions on initial enamel lesions in situ
Arginine Bicarbonate: A magical weapon in the war against oral microbial diseases
Clinical Efficacy of 10% Arginine Bicarbonate Prophylaxis Paste
Arginine: A new and exciting approach to oral care
Arginine Bicarbonate
Arginine Bicarbonate: New study exposes additional oral health benefits
Arginine is an amino acid which occurs naturally in saliva. The mechanism of action for toothpastes containing arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate is plugging of open dentinal tubules. The plug is able to remain even after exposure to acids. In 2013 Sharif et al conducted a systematic review of Arginine toothpastes effectiveness in treating DH. The review highlighted that the studies conducted thus far involved small numbers of subjects and reduced DH in the short-term.
Effects of rinsing with arginine bicarbonate and urea solutions on initial enamel lesions in situ
Clinical efficacy of toothpaste containing 8.0% arginine and calcium carbonate for teeth hypersensitivity
The Revolutionary Technology behind BasicBites®
BasicBites coat teeth with vital nutrients also found in healthy saliva, arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, which mimic nature’s way of supporting enamel health. BasicBites are coordinated to help protect teeth in several ways.
Effect of Arginine-bicarbonate on pH and buffering capacity of stimulated saliva in children
Arginine Bicarbonate-Calcium Carbonate Soft Chews Seal Open Dentinal Tubules in Hydraulic Conductance Test
CAS Number 196086-73-4


Mackam dp-122,AMPHOSOL 160C-30,DERIPHAT 160C cas 14960-06-6



cas 90640-43-0 Amines, N-C12-14-alkyltrimethylenedi-



Blattellaquinone German Cockroach Sex Pheromone



3,4,3-LIHOPO cas 110874-36-7 (FandaChem)


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